Gaming Resources

Gaming Resources

We’ve had our eye on a few gaming resources to assist our fellow developers and game modders.  The one hot thing that’s out there now that a lot of devs are migrating to is the Unity Engine.  There’s other engines out there guys, and Unity won’t work for everything, but it is definitely an exciting and power game design engine and it’s not a bad start if you aren’t considered about making your own proprietary software.


Please remember that there are two versions of the Unity Engine.


and please – don’t forget about 3d studio max and Maya!!

Casino games

This resource is our number one go to guide for games, online gaming and general games development.  Plus we love the name

One handy resource that we use regularly is  They have a number of casino games examples.

2d Games and 3d Games

You might as well check out and see what the buzz is about.

Game Colleges

Our Swedish Gamer Friends

Gaming has had a long tradition in Sweden and currently some of the best games going to market are developed in Sweden.  Check out how many games have been developed there over the years; it really seems that Sweden is the place to be for game development.
Mojang and NetEnt are two of the most notable companies from there.  Several of the best casino games from the latter can be found at as that site can be used as a great reference for one of the most popular forms of gaming there.